Graphic Request Forum Rules

This is the place to request custom graphics for SMBX.
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Graphic Request Forum Rules

Postby Kley » Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:26 am

Welcome to the Graphic Request forum! Here you are allowed to requests custom graphics for SMBX or help people who are requesting custom graphics for SMBX. Be sure to follow the rules before requesting content.

  1. No recolors, simple as that.
  2. No unreasonable requests, such as full game rips/imports.
  3. No graphic-making services, but rather just simple requests. If you have graphics you're trying to showcase, head to the Graphics Forum instead!
  4. Be sure to search for the custom graphics you're requesting before making a topic. Great spots to check are the Community GFX Pack or Red Yoshi and supermarioman's Ultimate GFX Pack, both of which contain archives of graphics from tons of SMBX community members and many graphics from the Mario franchises and others.
  5. Put your best effort (if possible) into fulfilling other peoples' requests if you have requested something yourself.
  6. Be specific with your request. Requests for "NSMB NPCs" or "Yoshi's Island Graphics" for example are too large and broad. If someone made you a pack of every NSMB NPC you probably wouldn't use it, so make sure your requests list exactly what you need


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