An update on kindness and understanding

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An update on kindness and understanding

Postby Aero » Sun Dec 27, 2020 5:05 am

Hey everyone, we'd like to keep the SMBX community a friendly and welcoming place for discussion for all to participate in. Our goal as SMBX staff is to have the community be open to everyone allowing for people to be themselves, contribute, and share their creativity. In order to accomplish this, a few changes are going to be made so that SMBX can be more inclusive. First, we're going to open a focused line for suggestions on this matter specifically. Second, our standards for SMBX content will be adjusted to get a better handle on abusive content. Third, the SMBX staff are going to act more swiftly in responding to and implementing suggestions that will ensure SMBX stays welcoming for all.

New report reasons will be added for SMBX content that contains hateful/abusive content so staff can quickly act. We will also have a stickied thread for members to give their input on ways the SMBX staff can make things more accommodating to people belonging to marginalized groups.

These actions were inspired by smwc's recent rule clarification which can be found here:

The suggestions thread can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=99&t=26607#p381882

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