The truth about SMBX and Redigit

Facetious topics from April 1st.
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Re: The truth about SMBX and Redigit

Postby MrPunchia » Sun Apr 01, 2018 4:27 pm

you're wrong

everybody is redigit
everything is redigit
redigit is the universe
and all that has enabled us to exist
keeping in touch

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Re: The truth about SMBX and Redigit

Postby goSciu » Sun Apr 01, 2018 4:57 pm

But wait! There's more...
Next version of SMBX is Beta 4.
Beta 4.
We know which version will pass the test of time. And possibly which version is Redigit truely working on.

Secondly, we must find out when will SMBX2 officialy release.
I know.
It's going to be February 2nd, 2020 (02/02/2020).
Year 2020 has 4 numbers in it.
Sum of numbers in year 2020 is also 4.
Number 2020 is also dividable by 4.
02/02 also has 4 numbers.
Their sum is 4.

But what time exactly?
Remember that 2020 is dividable by 4?
It makes 505.
But is it AM or PM?
Let's see - 5:05 PM can be written as 17:05.
13 is unlucky number. Thus, SMBX2 can't be released then.
What about 5:05 AM?
SMBX2 will be excellent - 10/10.

Guys, we gonna have some sweet SMBX theory.

EDIT: People, I found a mistake in my understanding.
I said 13 is unlucky number, and 10 means SMBX2 will be excellent.
But what does 10 have to earlier thoughts?
But 13? It sure does!
Look: 1+3=4
So, SMBX2 will be released at 5:05 PM.
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