SMBX Newsletter - December 2020

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SMBX Newsletter - December 2020

Postby Taycamgame » Wed Dec 09, 2020 2:21 pm

SMBX Newsletter - December 2020

Hello, and welcome to Issue #4 of the SMBX Newsletter! Let's get into it!

SMBX2 News

The latest release of SMBX2 is Beta 4 Patch 3 Hotfix 1. A bunch of bug fixes and some new content is available, so download it from here if you haven't already:

SMBX2 Downloads

Make sure you download the correct version. If you already have beta 4 installed, download "Patch 3 w/ Hotfix". If you haven't downloaded beta 4 already, you should select "Full Download".

More documentation for SMBX2 - if you ever find yourself struggling with lua concepts, feel free to check it out:

X2 Documentation

Contests and Collabs

There is now a dedicated forum for Contests and Events. There are a few things planned for the next year and you can take a look here:

2021 Event Calendar


The results for 48 Hour Contest X1 have released. Find them here:

48 Hour Contest X1 Results

Congratulations to Waddle for winning 48hCX1 with their entry, Royal Devolution!


CCX1's episode is still in development! Don't worry, you won't be missing out on any of the 40+ levels.


The End of Year Mystery Contest is due to end in approximately 11 days - get your submission in quickly!

End of Year Mystery Contest


For a final Christmas treat, a World Map Design Contest is currently underway! Put your mapping skills to the test - deadline January 1st.

World Map Design Contest

Level of the Month Series

You can access all of this year's results directly from this thread:

All Results
October Winner: Dynamite Fright by The Thwomp King (20 Votes)

October Results

November Winner: The Boreal Spire by Metrovania (13 Votes)

November Results

Featured Episodes and Demos

The Cliche Adventure by TheEeveeLovers

More Info: show

A short demo, but as is typical for Cliches, it's time to go on an adventure!
The Cliche Adventure


Project Spotlight

Super Mario Game Expedition by Flitretpa123

More Info: show

New face, new project. This looks interesting so far, so let's see what comes of it.
Super Mario Game Expedition


Mario's Birthday by EDIX

More Info: show

An interesting project nearing completion - inspired by a variety of SMBX projects! Happy Birthday to you, Mario!
Mario's Birthday


A smaller newsletter this month - there weren't really any episodes released.


2020 has been a tough year for us all. But let's give it one last push as we stride to 2021. To add to the festive spirit, we have something in the works for the weeks leading up to Christmas! Stay tuned...


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