Subcon Arena

This is the place to post battle levels.

Do you like this battle arena? (First one uploaded :D)

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Subcon Arena

Postby BowserThunder » Sun Nov 15, 2015 11:42 am

A SMB2 based battle mode arena. Over the waterfall comes the snifts, and in the caves come... your opponent and a SMB2 pipe bringing out bombs for you to use.

There's useful items down in the dirt. A ? Mushroom, a few random plants, a Fire Flower, a stop clock, and a Tannoki Suit.
There's even obstacles down there that can help you fight you opponent. A Banazi Bill, a Bullet Bill, and even, not in the dirt, Shy Guys, a Tweeter (I guess his name is), and also bullet throwing Snifts.

This arena has no custom music (theme is SMB2 Wart), no custom graphics, and no custom NPCs.

Here's a snapshot of the battle arena.
Spoiler: show
Here's the .lvl download!StdFmQgC

The decryption key... they may be doing this for copyright :shock:

Anyway, copy and paste this for key.

After that, choose if you wanna download with MEGAsync, import to your cloud, or download with the browser you are using.

Have fun! :D

This is really my first battle course uploaded. 8-)
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Re: Subcon Arena

Postby Mosaic » Sun Nov 15, 2015 8:05 pm

This looks like a decent battle level, I may play it later when i have the chance.

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