Games that you hate/dislike from franchises you like

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Re: Games that you hate/dislike from franchises you like

Postby minerdude456 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:12 am

KingBowser24 wrote:
King of Eterity wrote:
KingBowser24 wrote:Super Mario:
-Lost Levels. Way too hard, way too much recycled content.
Well I think it is supposed to be an SMB postgame, and why dislike it for its difficulty? It is supposed to be hard, as it was designed for players that completed SMB.
I can speedrun SMB, and can beat it no problem. But Lost Levels? Its ridiculous. Keep in mind, the difficulty is pretty much the main reason it was not very popular. I've beaten SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, SMW, and many more Mario games... yet Lost Levels is still a big struggle.
King Of Eterity wrote:
KingBowser24 wrote:-Battle Mode in the newer Mario Karts. While I love Mario Kart, I do not like how Balloon Battle went from the classic "Last Man Standing" objective to the stupid "Hit as Many people as you can within the time limit" objective. It kind of takes away the whole point of balloon battle, because you are not out if you lose all your balloons, you just lose a few points. I like the old version much better.
I guess it is undeniable that MK8's battle mode sucks (even though I never actually played the battle mode and only had the chance to play the game once).
I can agree. Balloon Battle has sucked since Mario Kart Wii, which is when they switched to the new balloon battle system, I believe.
Lost Levels: Bleepin' 4-4...I still haven't gotten past it. But I am NOT about to give up (grabs GameCube controller).
Balloon Battle: Yeah, I guess last man standing style gameplay is technically better for this sort of thing, but on the real I really don't mind that they switched to a points system for MKW. I still find it good fun once in awhile (though Toad is a jerk in MK7 from my experiences). If only a friend of mine even liked BB to begin with! But nope, only wants to do Coin Runners in Battle Mode on MKW. Oh well.
Now then, it's about time I shared some games I don't like from franchises I love.
Pac-Man Arrangement (NO I do NOT mean the arcade version...that version was GOOD.) Yeah. The original version of Pac-Man Arrangement I absolutely love. But the "newer versions" of the Arcade Arrangement series? HECKING GOSH, NAMCO! What were you thinking?! Basically, my opinions on the Arrangement "remakes" are the same for each solitary game: Shouldn't have slapped "Arrangement" on the title! While I suppose the remakes themselves aren't entirely bad, they just don't deserve to have a certain word in their titles. In my heart, there's only one set of games that count as Arrangement titles, and that's the original six arrangements from Namco Classic Collection volumes 1 and 2!
RealSports Basketball, RealSports Baseball, and Super Baseball: The first is a formerly unreleased prototype A2600 game that's too freakin' hard in 1P mode, although a plus is it actually has four quarters unlike other A2600 basketball games. The second and third...are basically the SAME DANG GAME. They are both rather poor baseball games, with a horrible batting AI that only hits the ball once in a blue moon, and SB's fielding AI being harder than RSB's. All three games are better either being played with a friend, or just leaving them alone after saying "heck this." As for RSVolleyball and, to an extent, RSSoccer (haven't played RSFootball yet), those games are good fun...for me at least.
Video Checkers. Video Chess was a great board-to-video game conversion, but Video suffers from a MASSIVE flaw: When an opponent's checker is open for capture, YOU CAN'T DECIDE TO IGNORE THE CAPTURE EVEN IF IT'S A TRAP; YOU HAVE TO CAPTURE IT OR THE GAME WON'T LET YOU CONTINUE! How could Atari have screwed that up?!
If I can come up with any more hated games, I'll put in another reply.
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Re: Games that you hate/dislike from franchises you like

Postby TDK » Sun Dec 25, 2016 3:42 pm

Snessy the duck wrote:Don't forget that Mega Man 1 had terrible and bland level design with a lot of rooms being reused (Especially in Elecman's stage, almost every room appears more than once in that stage!), and the game overall not feeling polished at all (There are various instances of cutoff and lazy design chocies)
Don't forgot those randomly moving shooting platforms.

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Re: Games that you hate/dislike from franchises you like

Postby Artemis008 » Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:33 am

Mario Land - The controls feel way too slippery and disorienting for a Mario game, it's also too short, looks terrible, and doesn't have enough enemy variety.

Resident Evil 4 Onward; I don't consider these games canon Resident Evil, or Resident Evil at all for that matter. I'm just hoping RE7 rights the wrongs of everything since 4 (but it still won't measure up to the originals).

Zelda Spirit Tracks - It's the most forgettable boring game in the series, does anything else need to be said?

Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon DS - An interesting idea, it's the first FE with shiny new graphics. It just doesn't show the advancements the series has made since FE1 (where's my love triangles and op character classes).

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Re: Games that you hate/dislike from franchises you like

Postby Rhosty » Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:52 am

Cars 2: The Video Game
-It doesn't have a free roam mode like it's predesessor
-No online mode (ex: Online racing)
-The Wii version (which I have), has bland graphics compared to the versions released on Xbox360 and PS4
-Xbox360 and PS4 versions had better cutscenes and more unlockable characters
Spore Hero
-Don't get me wrong, this game's soundtrack is beautiful, but there's alot less unlockable parts than the first game
-It's easy to get to level 10, and very easy to spam ram attack in battles
-The game's antagonist is also the final boss, and the boss is too easy
-You can't skip tutorials
-The quests can get irritable because latter in the game's other areas their all required to progress


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Re: Games that you hate/dislike from franchises you like

Postby AlphaFenix » Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:13 pm

Super Mario Bros 2
Sanec 2006
Zelda 2 and Oracle's
Metroid Other M ¬¬
Paper Mario Fu**** Sticker Star, that game made in design school
Sanec 4 I and II

and more.....


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Re: Games that you hate/dislike from franchises you like

Postby Pseudo » Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:50 am

Sticker Star is definitely the primary example of this to me, and Mario & Luigi Paper Jam to a lesser extent too. Both of them felt really uninspired compared to every previous game in their series to me.
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