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Re: Super Mario Run

Postby Drluigi » Mon Sep 19, 2016 1:02 am

PixelPest wrote:
Zeldamaster12 wrote:The game looks like it'll be fun, and I'll most likely download it, but it does kinda seem like they're ripping off Temple Run.
It's 2D though and you can say that it's ripping off like 25% of all apps, most of which are ripping off other apps
Well, yeah, that's what happens when someone creates a successful idea. Everyone else tries to cash in on it in their own way. Some people do it in a good way to kinda make it their own thing while others just make incredibly blatant ripoffs. If you narrow it down, all auto-run games on mobile are basically the same thing. Your character runs on their own and you control whether they jump or quickstep left or right and try to last as long as possible.
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