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Super Mario Maker Level Codes

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 1:42 pm
by Paper
Now that the game's been officially released, I think it's a good idea to make a thread for our level codes. That way we won't clutter the SMM discussion thread.

Here's a spoiler containing every code that's been posted on the forums so far (including the ones in the SMM discussion thread that I feel should also be posted in THIS thread), including my own.
Spoiler: show
Bacon-Flavored Pasta: F134-000-0022-2A4F
Flaming Taco Biome: 24E3-0000-0024-49E5
Endoskelmatens: B8DB-0000-002E-E501
Ghostly Gibus Sanctuarium: 47B4-0000-00AA-2B86
Unusually Cloudy Today, Aint It?: BC2D-0000-00C9-87D5
Platforms: Ready for Shipping: 9AE7-0000-0082-9EC3

Power isn't Everything: C0B4-0000-0016-4999
Flaming Calamari: BB85-0000-0021-A34D
Spoopy House: D6F7-0000-0023-7168
Super Long Castle: 88F8-0000-0027-8C9F
Buzzing Caverns: A9E9-0000-0032-41B3
The Spook Zone: C576-0000-0033-4574
Airship Fleet : 7393-0000-003F-DDBF
Flaming Calamari II : 91C3-0000-0040-0BF7
World A-1: 81E0-0000-002F-4CE8
World A~2: 2FA1-0000-0037-08EC
World A~3 : 2EA5-0000-003A-9C68
World A~4 : BDA3-0000-003F-2912

Airship Assault: AD09-0000-00E4-CC55
Ridiculous Rollercoasters: 36B4-0000-00E4-CA12
Parabeetle Panic: 4B83-0000-00E4-C714
Chain-Chomp's Creepy Castle: 03EC-0000-00E4-C419
Fireball Fortress!: 978C-0000-00E3-5919
World of Wigglers: C3BF-0000-00E3-5698
Mushroom Mountain: F327-0000-00E3-535A
Trampoline Trauma!!!!: 3703-0000-00E1-F464

Also Too Lazy to Check this Level's Name: 86CE-0000-0018-0359
Stalactite Caves: 0D81-0000-001F-0B3E
Cloud Plant Cliffs: 1956-0000-001F-C53D
Flying Fish Ahead!: 9F5A-0000-0021-14E7
Helmet Haste: 6071-0000-0022-7ED3
Ammunition Airship: 4849-0000-0023-D7AQ
Mysterious Mirrors: B6D1-0000-0025-67D8
Overgrown Armada: C773-0000-002C-3655
Spooky Switch-Bounce: A4F2-0000-003D-B5F9
Ammunition Airship v2: F425-0000-0042-9BAB
More Mysterious Mirrors: EC19-0000-0046-C330

Haunted Manor: 9588-0000-0018-7205
Cave of Odd Semi-Solid Platforms: 007F-0000-0022-C013
Pork Waters: CA28-0000-0023-A838
Fleet of Anti-Conscription: 98AF-0000-0026-067B
Starman Waiting in the Castle: CDB0-0000-0027-2982
Digging on Alternative Rock: 0000-0024-9862
Frost Grotto: 1548-0000-0066-82B0
Deserted Estate: F939-0000-0062-2309
Skull Raft Fortress: ADFA-0000-0057-47CE
Chain Chomp Mountain: 471E-0000-0038-5653

Hammer Bros. Evil Ship: BE5F-0000-0019-270A
Kamek's Castle: 1D5C-0000-0030-7709
Looks are Deceiving: 1E43-0000-004C-6C13
Spark Man: 5B1C-0000-00C2-719B

Underground Athletics: 30BC-0000-0017-95C6
Ghost Gauntlet: E465-0000-0024-D3BE
Airship Kart Racing!: E6FB-0000-002B-7F3F
The SKULLCOASTER: 8EFD-0000-002E-9012
Wario Land Fortress: 308E-0000-0037-576F
The Grand Airship: BEE0-0000-0038-AA14
Water Temple: C02E-0000-0041-B99C
Frantic Factory: E94F-0000-0051-52EC

My First Level™: 9D99-0000-0027-A50C
8-bit Ruins: 7F0F-0000-002F-D859
Land of the Giants: 4F56-0000-0019-7A02
Melting Pot Castle: 10B4-0000-0021-4BDE

2-3 Shalking Blob: 9AC4-0000-0027-DCC2
4-4 Dangerous Warehouse: 4216-0000-002D-C880
Entrance to the Factory: 8788-0000-004B-0A01
Bullet Trouble: 1ADC-0000-004B-855C
Wario's Cellar: 6D94-0000-004F-6A59
Stone Brick Dungeon: D7BA-0000-0050-9631
Gooper Swimming: 09A3-0000-0057-6703
Giant's Land: 35B8-0000-0070-1744

Dr Bowsers Fortress: 07B8-0000-0020-F8D7
Easiest Fortress Ever Made: 9008-0000-001F-0822
The Cave of Pain: 8ECA-0000-001E-6184
Bowser's Warship: 78A0-0000-001D-B46C

Trampoline Hijinx: 61E6-0000-0023-9E3D
Toad Can Help, Too!: DAB1-0000-0024-C546
Terrible, Treacherous Tower: 0607-0000-0026-662B
Bowser Jr's Air Raid: 6E0F-0000-002A-4D50
Chomping Ball Castle: 2A06-0000-0039-16DB
Platforms in the Clouds: E037-0000-003E-F2B6
The Deep, Deep Sea: 7D24-0000-003F-ECA4
Slippy's Grand Adventure: 6DB9-0000-0043-DC16
World 1-Fortress: 9B14-0000-0082-68EA
Spine Lake: 04DD-0000-00D8-C893
Abandoned Block Mine: A405-0000-00DB-7DA5
Le Château de Boo: 81AF-0000-00E6-1C93
Toadstool Canyon: DBD9-0000-00F9-C4AB
The Great Airship Brigade: 52EB-0000-00FA-16FD
Wiggle Waggle Way: 0633-0000-00FB-0552
World ◆-2: A6EC-0000-0110-5CE9

Mysterious Mansion: 6FFF-0000-0023-96FD
Kamek's Sunken Ship: C554-0000-0024-CEEB
Fortress of Magic: B677-0000-0031-69F8
Pleasant Path: AED6-0000-0038-D48F
Boiling Caverns: 23CC-0000-0039-280C
Catastrophic Chambers: ECFD-0000-003E-95CD
Fortress of Precision: F4C0-0000-0047-552C
Collapsed Caverns: 4E5C-0000-0047-7390
Secrets of the Universe: 3B6A-0000-004B-4198
Four of a Kind: C4E4-0000-0052-B1F2
A Calm Stroll: 0F18-0000-0058-948C
Frozen Bridge Invasion: F495-0000-0058-A16B
Bob-omb Hills: BFEA-0000-005D-A063
Underground Transport System: FD46-0000-005D-9D1F
Castle Town: 5BEB-0000-0068-66CB
Tranquil Skies: 48D5-0000-0069-6492
Fortress of Water: 0556-0000-0069-6778

RoundPiplup's Best 3rd Level: 445D-0000-0021-5F17
Stacking Trouble: 47AA-0000-0024-CAE2
100 Second Run: C3BD-0000-0026-3DAA
Required Tools to Escape House!: 44C4-0000-0027-5090
Hard Time Fortress: CA83-0000-0032-3B77
The Mushroom: 6CAF-0000-0033-AE6D
Monty Ville: 12BF-0000-0037-D5F6
The Big yet Normal Airship: 41A4-0000-003A-74A5

Pseudo-Dino's Level: 0EB5-0000-0024-D0D8

Airship Armada: 49EA-0000-0035-1E50

Expecting a bad level?: C05D-0000-002C-BA43
Kamek's magic library: 843D-0000-0024-BB77
The Slaughterhouse: F5B9-0000-0015-2DEB
Bowser jr. airship: EDEC-0000-0014-60DF
Junior castle: 0AC6-0000-0013-8AB9
WHERE IS THE BATHROOM!!??: F2A5-0000-0011-ED65
Sky Fortress: 6EA8-0000-000F-D687

Castle in the Sky: 3558-0000-0034-7C13
Classic Arcade Mario Bros Remix: 75C9-0000-0031-F9B6
Dive!!: 2521-0000-002F-B5B3
Hedge Clippers: 213A-0000-002B-D933
Assassination of beloved Mario: 8FED-0000-0029-4E17

Keep the Switch Running!: B5D7-0000-0040-D7E2
Shelly Cove: 7175-0000-0068-4829
Fireball Fort(Stompy): 799B-0000-006B-416E
YEAH FAST: E63A-0000-0057-1138

Chad (:3):
Sky Engine Demolition: 24E5-0000-00D8-6E73
Underneath the Airship: 4C22-0000-0129-2D10
Ocean of Implausibility: 1FFC-0000-00D8-72CC
Fireline Cavern: B532-0000-00D8-A7FE
Twisted Forest: CE8E-0000-00D8-B1DA
Follow That Bullet!: F3FB-0000-00D8-B66B
Sunken Society: A91B-0000-00D8-BD49
Heatwave Hold: 4724-0000-00D8-C004
Walljump Express: E226-0000-0129-48F3
Everything But The Exit!: 0B67-0000-00D8-CDF4
Phantasm Playroom: D40B-0000-00D8-D1DC
Snaking Sewer Shenanigans: ADD3-0000-00D8-DC68
Volatile Vinelines: 734D-0000-00D8-E3AB
Blastin' Masts: 963E-0000-00D8-EB6D
Munchin' Production: 0FDC-0000-00D8-ED78
P-andemonium Plains: 73B2-0000-00D8-DD51
Axeimum Security: 319A-0000-00D8-DEC2
Cruel Cold Coasters: 5B17-0000-00C6-6164
Magical Madhouse: E46D-0000-00D8-EF88
Electric Boolagoon 2: CA08-0000-00D8-F31A
Soaring Depths: D498-0000-0129-33CC

Pyramid Action Machine: A14A-0000-005F-ECF4
Panic Zone-Related Level: 8BE3-0000-0043-A04D
Switch Action Zone-Related Level: DA9A-0000-0049-2B1B

Lucario at the Peak of No Return: 1692-0000-0048-D67A
SMW Theme: 4E6D-0000-0052-2550

Ludwig von Koopa:
1-1 Goomba's Pathway: 16A9-0000-0050-92C5
1-2 Peaceful Plains: 2AE4-0000-0050-295B

Walljumps and springs: 270C-0000-004D-A23F

Airship Invasion: AC1F-0000-005C-6ECD
Castle of Travelings: DECF-0000-00C2-9168

Enigmatic Mansion: BB94-0000-0055-1524

Mystery Mushroom Maze: 94DD-0000-0025-3BFA
Jr's Armada: A41C-0000-0025-92A6
Mystery Mushroom Maze 2: 2392-0000-0034-53C8
Mystery Mushroom Maze 3: 6A64-0000-0039-3184
Super Mario-Troid: 7A48-0000-005D-F7BD
Bowser's Castle Plumbing Mission: 5296-0000-005E-5FE4
Super Mario World - Forest Fortress: C576-0000-005E-603E
-DO NOT ENTER- (Invasion 2): E773-0000-005E-9D43
Super Easy Level (Invasion 1): 3403-0000-0025-E108
Grassy Grass Hills (Invasion 1): B591-0000-0028-6D9C
Green Savage Zone (Invasion 1): 2004-0000-002F-5C4C
Megaton Pipe Area (Invasion 1): D73D-0000-0030-9B03
Floating Brick Niche (Invasion 1): 1707-0000-0031-B108
Dungeon of Hurt (Invasion 1): E4A9-0000-0033-521B
Subcon Nightmare Land (Invasion 1): 4A25-0000-0058-3737
Misplaced Pipehammer Maze (Invasion 1): 1CFD-0000-0058-39B9*
Super Awesome Land (Invasion 1): 0FAB-0000-0058-3CE1
Field of Bitey Plants (Invasion 1): 37BF-0000-0058-4C1C
Mega Underground Zone (Invasion 1): 81BB-0000-0058-4DC5

Automagic: EF88-0000-0052-9F3F
Creepy Cabin: A858-0000-004C-CB46
Memory Mansion: 4E4A-0000-0034-65C1
Shells: B9F5-0000-0021-4510

1-1 Goomba Meadows: 73B7-0000-0069-EE21
Spiney-Mine Cove: 8213-0000-0066-90D4
The Cyclopes's Cave: 08D5-0000-0062-E93B

Kamek's Magic Show: A35A-0000-007A-7EF6
Polite Platforming: 30E4-0000-00DC-A92F

Tower of Cannons: 6FC9-0000-006B-0838
Mushroom Caverns: 6278-0000-0051-9480
Yoshi's Island 1-1: 5791-0000-0068-55E3
Boo's Tricky Maze: A296-0000-0068-3E0C

Spike World: E65B-0000-00C3-52D9

Nat The Porcupine:
Forest Inferno: 0071-0000-00A4-4371
Bone-Chill Caverns: AFFC-0000-0078-B079
An Experiment: E6A4-0000-0077-0BF8
When World 8 Freezes Over: 6CC7-0000-00C0-9BC7

Quick Swimmy Mario: 819F-0000-008E-0AF2

Red castle: 496D-0000-00FB-F3AD
Hard jumps: 320B-0000-00FC-5D50
Zalando: 6EC3-0000-00D7-B985
Grasland of fun and ... gras: 0DDA-0000-00D7-C14D

Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 3:15 pm
by qig
ok i made level
is called airship assault
has airships, assaults, fire, cannons and unnecessary heartbeat sound effects
plz give me ur stars. ... VHkbePcbfw

Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 5:10 pm
by underFlo
I made a course using only the default stuff, and I think it turned out fairly well! I also tried to add some graphical shenanigans.

ID: 86CE-0000-0018-0359

Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 5:55 pm
by Valtteri
I decided to post a SMB3 styled haunted level of mine, called Haunted Manor. I think ghost levels in Super Mario Maker are fascinating because without events or scripts or anything like that you aren't left with many ingredients for interesting puzzles and you need to get really creative. Course ID: 9588-0000-0018-7205


Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 7:03 pm
by Murphmario
Here is my first uploaded level: Hammer Bros. Evil Ship:
Beware, as it contains too many Hammer Bros, some even thrown by Lakitus.

Super Mario Maker Level Codes

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:22 pm
by XerX
I'm having a lot of fun with Mario Maker. (I'm upset I had to destroy the box to get the game and book out of it.) I've made a few levels, and only uploaded one so far.

If you want to play it, the code is C0B4-0000-0016-4999.

Re: Super Mario Maker Level Codes

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 10:51 pm
by qig
(Subworlds are the last thing unlocked, fyi.)

this is the only level i made, is airship level.

Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 2:18 am
by Wind
I just uploaded my first level, Underground Athletics. ID is 30BC-0000-0017-95C6. I put some special care on the visual design too :DD

EDIT: New level!! It's underwater-themed, too!

Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:50 am
by Marina
A little something I made. Just really basic.


Re: Super Mario Maker Level Codes

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 7:04 am
by Mable
PaperPlayerX wrote:Now that the game's been officially released, I think it's a good idea to make a thread for our level codes. That way we won't clutter the SMM discussion thread.
I WOULD have a code to share for my first level, but it takes way too damn long to unlock the subworld and the ability to make actual warp pipes. That, or I'm doing something horribly wrong.

If this thread is redundant in some way, it can be locked right away.

Do it like most people. Spend 15 minutes until the message shows up. Skip forward 1 day and you get them.

I did that today and have everything now.

Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 7:45 am
by underFlo
I decided to make one course for each new thing I unlock.

Day 1: Stalactite Cave (Piranha Cave Update): 0D81-0000-001F-0B3E

Day 2: Cloud Plant Cliffs: 1956-0000-001F-C53D

Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:02 am
by Mable
1-3 Woody Walk
Spoiler: show
This is a pretty average SMB3 styled level. It has both a Overworld and Underground section to explore and shows off some enemies it also contains free moving Chain Chomps.


ID: F029-0000-001F-9ABC

Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:55 am
by underFlo
Day 3: Flying Fish ahead! ID: 9F5A-0000-0021-14E7

Also, screens for my levels:

Stalactite Cave
Spoiler: show
Cloud Plant Cliffs
Spoiler: show
Flying Fish ahead!
Spoiler: show

Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:39 am
by XerX
Flaming Calamari (Difficulty : ★★★✩✩)
Level Code :  BB85-0000-0021-A34D


Re: Super Mario Maker Level Codes

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:57 am
by RoundPiplup
Here's my third level: 445D-0000-0021-5F17

Probably the best one I've made so far. Not the easiest one though. But I did place sound effects... A lot of it(cat overload).

Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:40 am
by Lukas Old Account
Dr.Bowser's Fortress

Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:51 am
by underFlo
Day 4: Helmet Haste
Spoiler: show
ID: 6071-0000-0022-7ED3

Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:18 pm
by Valtteri

A Mario 3 cave level. Can you find the secret area? :o ID: 007F-0000-0022-C013

Also Wind I played your Battleship Brawl level, it was very nice! I starred it ;3

Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:15 pm
by RoundPiplup
RoundPiplup wrote:Here's my third level: 445D-0000-0021-5F17

Probably the best one I've made so far. Not the easiest one though. But I did place sound effects... A lot of it(cat overload).
Just putting it here as well.

Re: Mario Maker

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:18 pm
by XerX
Spoopy House (Difficulty : ★★★✩✩)
Level Code :  D6F7-0000-0023-7168