Rise of the Shadow Kracko (SMBX community related)

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Re: Rise of the Shadow Kracko (SMBX community related)

Postby FireyPaperMario » Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:30 am

Muyoko wrote:
Ness-Wednesday wrote:
Muyoko wrote:OH MAN MY DEBUT CHAPTER? Or do I have to go back to Chapter 9 because my first drama of me getting a drink of water and running away from a monster that changes my gender from female to male makes for an interesting premise.

I also hate to be the harbinger of bad news... but I was the harbinger of bad news in this chapter and yet it somehow was better written than the other time I was a harbinger of bad news in another person's fan fiction. I hope I keep up with this streak of being the harbinger of bad news.
Oh my, how coincidental?
Yeah, apparently I provided the exposition that 'NintendoOtaku93 is forever in a sleep'. I'm just glad I wasn't crying in this one because then I would be confused. I might make that a trend in my own fan fiction though. Kudos! I should probably get back to work on mine.

In the meantime, any hints that Muyoko has an interest in Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door's Vivian in the next chapter?
If it makes you happy Muyoko, I stop working on my crappy SMBX fan fiction a while ago. :|
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Re: Rise of the Shadow Kracko (SMBX community related)

Postby Muyoko » Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:50 pm

NintendoOtaku93 wrote:
Muyoko wrote:
Ness-Wednesday wrote: Oh my, how coincidental?
Yeah, apparently I provided the exposition that 'NintendoOtaku93 is forever in a sleep'. I'm just glad I wasn't crying in this one because then I would be confused. I might make that a trend in my own fan fiction though. Kudos! I should probably get back to work on mine.

In the meantime, any hints that Muyoko has an interest in Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door's Vivian in the next chapter?
If it makes you happy Muyoko, I stop working on my crappy SMBX fan fiction a while ago. :|
I'm not upset that I was sobbing in your fic, I was just confused about it.

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Re: Rise of the Shadow Kracko (SMBX community related)

Postby Ness-Wednesday » Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:53 am

I know it's been a while, but I do have a few things to say in the end.

Chapter 11: Too Rinkas, Too Shadow Kracko (Warning loud noise, not literally)

Spoiler: show
As Ness-Wednesday shut the door when the Cheep-Chomp prepared for a gobble, his heart nearly stopped.

"That just happened," Skyler shrugged.
"If this is another one of those, I suggest to open the next door."
She opened the next door, but what they saw wasn't usual life.

"Holy Raocow fire!!!" Raocow and Sux yelled, Skyler immediately shut the door.
Three people holding there breaths and exhailing roughly.

"I know what the last one is," said Ness-Wednesday.
"Come on, below water, combustion?"

"So the next one should be-" A green meadow stood upon their eyes as Wraith opened the door.
The meadow was green and bright, with Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Morellus and such creatures around the glorious feild.

"Beautiful life!," Ness-Wednesday yelled, shaking his fist dancing in circles.

"Oi no far," Spinda wanted to go through the Combustion door badly.
"I gues som men jus wan 2 see teh world burn?" Spinda followed.

"Doesn't this look like something you're missing?" Skyler hopped looking at the sky.
However prince Northern-Western jumped for joy as he picked up the toy like enemy and shook it.
He was very excited after all of this.

"Haha yes, this is Tinny forest I knew it, I knew it!" he got crazy and threw the enemy at a rock, except that rock...
Unfortunately, those were stairs to the next floor.
Ness just stopped and became crossed, he went up to the next floor, when suddenly...

"Ack!" they all screeched as loud thunder boomed through their ears.
"Yep, this must be the fourth floor," Skyler said.
"I don't remember the orange light though?"
Except the light grew a bit bigger than expected, and a strange Mario figure appeared from the shadows.

"Oh my goodness, it's SuperMario7!" Ness-Wednesday screamed with joy.
"Where have been throughout the summer while the forums flame choked over Discord?"

"Sush your crown!" he slashed.
"I've had with yall's trash talk with backgrounds and switch blocks being replaced with Lunalua, and now people are dying because of this!"
"They'll learn for what they've done and see what true level designing really is all about!" with electricity around him, and raging evil possession, this did not look good!

"Please," Ness-Wednesday coughed, "We'll meet somewhere we can have fun together, and we could even be in our own team in the SVLC!"
The possesed individual was ready to attack!

"Nessy, you'll have to fight him," said Sux and Skyler agreed as she hoped on his back and watched.
The two with swords clashing with each other one to another, the battle looked intense as the five followers watched a duel going on.
Poison/Psychic vs Electric/Fighting if you'd say?

"You have such good power," SuperMario7 thought "but will you out smart my limit and it's chance?"
The question is, what was his chance to do what?

"Yeah you're chance to leak something and get away with it?" Ness-Wednesday laughed.
"I mean, Gamefreak has lost it and they can't keep leakers out, gen5 is like oh no, and each gen it's more disasterous than the previous!"
"We found out gen7's starter's final evolutions are real and they were just artwork from June!" the young Northern-Western prince laughed out loud.

"Silence!" SuperMario7 continued, as the fight went on!
Both continued to clash sword with sword, however SuperMario7 slipped and shook his head on the foolish mistake he made, but how did he slip?
Not important right now...

"Dancing through the night like-" Ness-Wednesday swang his sword as SuperMario7 got up and the fight continued!

"My chances of becoming history have vansihed, and it's all because of Lunalua!" the additional evil was going to far, and Ness-Wednesday knew this was the part where he needed to stop him!
They both charged at each other and both of them prepared a critical attack!
But both of their attacks smashed them hard, in fact it was enough to knock out the evilness from SuperMario7, leading one more to go on the list!
"Ugh, that eyeball of darkness has, taken me...," he frowned.
"The one who took control of me was right there..."

"A dark side?" Skyler asked, as she saw a figure running away, but the only evidence of who it could be and the speculation starting grow.
All they saw was a Yoshi with wings, but they only saw his shadow so they couldn't get any more detail.

"I remember who he was, but I forgot where he is now these days." SuperMario7 shook his head with depression, and disappointment.
"The only things I remember where being captured, then possesed by a dark power!"
"Being played with like a puppet, and I'm sure the others that I saw who were kidnapped as well, didn't like being kidnapped just to be shadow puppets."
The floor stood quiet, but the air was slightly crisp!
The temperature of the floor was normal and the door to the fifth floor opened.
SuperMario7 left to return to earth, leaving the six travelers alone once again.

"Why, he has such big words," Skyler thought to herself.
"Shadow Kracko really messed him up?"
No words were to be said after that, but they did walk up the next set of stairs.
Only for Ness-Wednesday to get a telephone call.

"Hey, you can't complain about service in space if you have trees upside down?" Ness-Wednesday blinked for a moment looking at the quintuple.
An individual calling, who had a dark confusing voice called.

"You special villy, is now ill.." the voice creeped him, but it wasn't clear to him.
After the six words, the phone hung up on him, but he did call someone he knew back then, only to find out what she ment was something he didn't want to hear.

"Oh globber," Ness-Wednesday sat down with his plump bum and legs, crossed arms, with a worried face.
"This shouldn't be the time for life to get me."
This left the group with questions, what was his secret between Myumi and the purple guy?
In results, Wraith went forward and asked Prince Northern-Western.

"Ness, hate to ask you this but..."
"What started this relation between you and Myumi?"
More silence filled the room, nothing was to be heared.

"It all started around two to three years ago, I was throwing some garbage I found on the parking lot.
It was midnight, and Newer Yolk was filled with traffic, and of course violence.
I heard some clanking of metal, and what caught my attention were the shadows, and I dared to walk into their bodies.
As I watched a girl with an axe swing, she spotted me and stop-"

"Woah there, you didn't know that she was a psychopath at the time?," Skyler interrupted.

"Skyler, please don't interrupt the story.
Anyway, She stepped closer as I got scared, but her foot caught my attention.
She was prepared to chop me, but she looked at my Ness like face, she dropped it and stared with a creepy smile.
Somehow, from my perspective she liked Ness, but what was very strange was the fact she grabbed me as I got back on my two legs.
And hugged me, I was ready to cry as I promised myself I would take care for her.
The days grew bright and she began to change, I haven't seen her murder ever since, but indeed she would do so but I don't hate her for that.
One day, I decided to out with her, explore beyond our place.
We ate and had lots of fun, we returned to the dark alley as she pointed to the garbage and the somewhat rat eating some leftovers.
It turned out to be a Raticate, he attacked me with not warning leaving me with a scratch around my young belly, more or less she got rid of the Pokemon.
The Raticate fled, scared of Myumi but she helped me and my wound.
The young girl carried me through the darkness, and laid me on a matress.
She grabbed some old tape and a First aid kit she stole from Dr.Mario, taking care of the wound she checked my temperature and I was starting to boil like an egg.
Me and Myumi were in a good relationship, better than ever since she saved me.
The young girl spoke with her own words, the next morning but what she said shocked me!"
From what Ness-Wednesday remembered, those words were:

"I think it is time to confess who I am, and promise me this.
You won't tell anyone that I can talk, if I were to be social I would use a white board."

"After those words, she hugged me.
I knew life would become way better, and so it did!
We got married, and I had a huge honeymoon, the night lasted long and my life only got bigger.
In fact, almost a decade later, we now have to deal with this situation."
The five began to quietly sob, but they understand his words.

"Was all of this true?" Sux asked.
Ness-Wednesday's reply with a yes was indeed scary, but what was waiting was the fifth floor.
Three floors remaining and soon two would be next, bu this isn't some kind of sample text.

"Well, I guess I have to process on, we don't have much to do since we now have to save Dark Mecha, so I guess the latter is four things left huh?"
Ness-Wednesday laughed at his words, but it cheered him up.

Now it seems to be like the adventure is almost over, how unfortunate.
But that doesn't stop them from continuing on their journey, as a matter of fact the year is almost over!
Now, I'm going to try to focus more on this fanfic so I could be able to finish before the new year begins, I still have alot to do these days.
In fact I think there are also some benefits I would like to look for, and finishing this fanfic is one of them.
Also, I have the idea for the final chapter ready so thats also some time I can save.
We may still be in ordinary time, but no matter what the world is far from normal.

"Ah, the fourth floor was a succes, wasn't it?" Sericas watched through the camera.
The six travelers didn't spot the cameras, but Shadow Kracko was still ready for what's coming.
By the way for tomorrow, I'll like to wish you all a safe happy Halloween, and remember to stay safe and beware of killer clowns.
No really, I wouldn't go trick-or-treating at night, that and the fact that people throw eggs and toilet paper.
Anyway, see you next time in the next chapter.

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Spoiler: show
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Re: Rise of the Shadow Kracko (SMBX community related)

Postby Muyoko » Wed Nov 02, 2016 8:25 pm

I recently watched Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman. This is kind of reminding me of this fic for some reason.

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Re: Rise of the Shadow Kracko (SMBX community related)

Postby Ness-Wednesday » Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:44 pm

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm sorry for the lack of activity, but the last chapters setting is pretty much set in stone now, and the chapters will be coming up until the 31rst so anyone else still around that's reading this will understand.
Also, I'll be getting back into SMBX, I'm trying to fit some other things so in 2017 I'll be more active on weekends and I'll be mainly focused on what I've stayed for, and of course the sequel because I couldn't resist.

I mean, I've had lots of fun in the past, and after a few breaks and focusing on other things, I've finally solved a few problems and I'll be around for sure!
There's no way I'll be leaving this community, and I'll like to wish you all an early Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa!
Now here's the chapter.

Chapter 12: This is a vague text...

Spoiler: show
"The stuff you do Nessy..," Skyler spoke out loud.
"We're still in this together with a full team and ready to fight."
The days were old, the time was coming and the atmosphere was clear of poison.

"You need a cookie, but I can't give you one because Jack will kill me," Prince Northern-Western complied with sass.

"Teh lak of mi is un4chanait!" Spinda spoke, not much of him was shown in the fan-fic other than giving Nessy items.

"I wish all little things can evolve into big monsters, but I guess Temmies are like Koalas and Meteores, standalones that are strong brothers." Ness-Wednesday's sentence grew longer than it should've.

"I didn't really care, if it's just to defeat a Kracko," said Captain 5-3.
"For one, I want to go to Alola, I wasn't even thinking of going, heck I prefer Maglx over this adventure."

"Ah, the times I watched your videos all the old times were great, before the internet's downfall in 2014..." Ness-Wednesday was being a bit too specific.

"Define?," Sux asked.

"Ah, well you see I've seen the internet in many ways, even ways I never wanted to do so..."
Ness-Wednesday stated below his quote.
"The dragon and snake years were the golden age of the internet, but you may recall what happened."
"Things went bad, and all of sudden communities blew up and had to evacuate to new sites, SMBX was one of them I see, no?"
"So before Knux became a good tofu (I'm assuming those people are balls of tofu) to the community, he ruined his big forum in 2014."
"After wards, things were clearing up and stuff started to get better."
"However, while this happened, it was tight on one side, but clear on the other."
"Too many kids were joining the internet, and it was chaotic for the internet, they all had raged too easily and dumped judgement and whined."
"Considering I was one of those in this community, I actually feel a lot different now..."

"So, what happened?," Raocow asked.

"Well, by 2016 it was worse than ever, in fact the internet was starting to get ready to lose a lot little by little."
"The kids who didn't improved made things worse causing the bigger users in those communities to leave, in fact I've seen this scenario in several communities."
"But don't think I'm psychic because some of my guesses could be coincidental."
"I'm sure 2017 and 2018 will be a marvelous step up for the internet!"

"Wow..." Skyler wasn't sure what to say.
"That's not what I would think when saying vague things."

"For the record, I'm actually understanding what he's talking about," Sux said.
"There have been a few things that happened online, and 2013 lacked that a lot."

"I'm not sure where you get these thoughts, but I swear if it's using Peanut butter as shaving cream, or eating ice cream for breakfast you're in trouble," Skyler replied.
"Or lack of cardio, or avoiding jet lag, or-"

"Okay we get it, you think I'm using special methods to come up with ideas," the young prince laughed.
"But really, I'd love to eat ice cream for breakfast!"

"Doz tat meen u are doin somethin wi didunt know?," Spinda asked.

"No, at least if I'm aware," the purple kid mumbled.
The last two floors were next, and with them having to finish the last few possessions done by the Shadow Kracko.
But what they would expect is probably not what we would think.
As they entered the last room, they saw darkness...
"What happened here?" but when Ness-Wednesday asked, they suddenly jumped due to a surprise of steam exploding around them from the clouds.
They all coughed out loud, it was too much for them!
However they stopped shortly, having to see someone tall and familiar with a surprised reaction!

"I knew it was you, you sick shorty..." a voice that seemed to evolve.
"But even without a tower, my powers to control are stronger than ever!" Vibes going back to 2012, but in a slightly lower pitch.
"You don't know what you're doing, stop while you can't!" Raocow looked up.

"Shadow Kracko, or Necrozma?," he asked.
Things cleared up as they saw the familiar being.
Ignoritus stood up, he looked fine except for his behavior, which seemed kinda obvious.

"I'm not feeling well, if you can understand," Ness wasn't serious but it sure triggered someone.

"Idiots, you made it this far, but I will not let you go any farther with your mess!"
"You may have beaten all of the other six but this is the last wish you'll ever make!"
"Your biased cheating and ironic face of yours is never going to beat the last possession!"
Ignoritus pulled up a controller, and a Mecha Koopa rolled up front.
Dark Mecha the last user to be rescued was there, being in a more powerful level than ever.
The fight was about to begin...

"So this is it," following this quote was the beginning to the final rescue!
Ness-Wednesday didn't regret his quote, and they both started to charge at each other.
Dark Mecha was out of control, and he didn't have any setting from his original mind.
He tried to bite but this only costs his foe a shoe.

"Wow, and I thought a troop was bad enough, this is ridiculous," said Skyler.
"If they were to bark no one would've stand a chance."

"no far!" Spinda shouted.

This didn't seem to be as easy as it seems, as Ness-Wednesday tried to slash him, his foe always crawled very fast up to the celing.
It felt like Nessy needed to dance to something and the floor was boiling lava.
But what he didn't know was he could track him down easily, he was bouncing like a ball.
Ness-Wednesday tried to used many powers, and even psychic powers!
But psychic doesn't affect darkness...
With some potential, he knew he could still beat him!

"When is Lunch?" Wraith asked.

Everyone just looked at him without any lack of silence.
That was it, the fight seemed to be a bit longer than expected.

"I should've brought a bag of popcorn," Sux just moved a step back.
"But it doesn't seem like Nessy wants to stop until it's done, such a brave kid,"

Ness-Wednesday ran towards him, and Dark Mecha did the same!
Ready to use Shield Braker, and the dark Mechakoopa ready to use crunch!
Both attacks clashed with each other, and they both fell to the ground with awful looks.

"So does this mean we're almost done?," Raocow asked.

Dark Mecha and Nessy got up, the mecha being back to normal and the kid filled with potential.
Without any word, smoke appeared and made the seven temporarily blind!
Ignoritus left with no words, and Dark Mecha wanted to thank them.

"Why I'm not too sure why I'd be last, it doesn't seem like I'd make a good threat," everyone laughed.
Afterwards, he left and the journey was at it's last few steps.
No more possesions were on their way, if that's what they thought...
You see Shadow Kracko made a few arrangements while they were busy, and what the travelers were expecting wasn't what they thought.

"Urgh, I had enough of those pesky users and their picky fights and thier horrible goodies and thier-"
As Shadow Kracko spoke Shadow Doo excused him.

"Excuse me master, but if you mean the word that refers to various beings, I think it's their."
Shadow Kracko got an English dictionary, and found the word he actually meant to say.

"Thank you...," Shadow Kracko continued.
"Anyway, I had enough of their goodies and those does and what not's!"
"They need to face the real threat they need to stop!"
"In fact, the two I have taken care of are now ready to step up and fight.."
Darkonius and Zlakerboy stepped out but were shiny, Darkonius was white, red, and yellow while Zlakerboy was Silver and red.
However, they were both filled in a dark, bloody, matter and they were not smiling with blue eyes, heck they were red.

"Hey, so me the picture with your wife and Lu kissing you under the missile toe." the six were sharing their Holiday pictures, Skyler loved Nessy's the most.
"Or should I say, under!"
They laughed at the images being casual with one and another as they waited in the elevator that seemed to be long than any elevator they were in, besides the Chocolate Factory.
The atmosphere was closing in and the fields, with dark clouds and a slim feel of sour cream in their mouths.

"Gee, I never knew they had an elevator, especially for the last two floors..." Prince Northern-Western was confused as they all slowly came to a stop, they were in the Sixth floor.
The surprise was coming, and they were finally going to meet the Shadow Kracko!

"So you have come!," Shadow Kracko started.
"After almost an entire year, you've finally arrived and you, and you're pesky friends are going to lose all of your benefits!"
"You may even lose all of your potential and even lives!"
All of a sudden, the characters started to float a little, and the floor broke open, three sharp pieces opened and showed off a giant fan that spun extremely fast!
Thunder boomed as Shadow Kracko fled to the final level and their eyes glowed in the light as the shocks grew bigger an louder!
All of a sudden, two beings had slowly levitated into the center of so called attention, or maybe death!

"Nessy, you can't fight alone!," Skyler was worried.
"We'll have to work on beating them together, it's the best way to finally fight that big cloud!"
Ness-Wednesday with a brave macho man mood, letting out a tear agreed.

"Let's fight!" As they both stated the quote, Darkonius took out a massive sword and Zlakerboy charged his massive laser!
The four were shocked, should they do something to contribute, or should they let them die?

"Wait, why would we do that?" Wraith asked.
Well, I didn't mean it literally, as the crowd watching through the cameras gasped, everyone on Earth was watching, especially the users on the internet.
The global group was frightened if they were on the side that contained care for the six, or at least one out of six?
There can be a lot of risky moves here and there, maybe something that can lead them to doom!
Shadow Dees and Doos boomed on the celing, and they were causing the crowd to get scared.
People screamed and Sericas reacted quickly, with Pixel Pest and Raichu.

"Hey, I have my Christmas specials after this chapter, remember that!" Okay Raichu, I get it!
Besides, we have only three chapters left in our story, and what you may think is about to happen, may not!

"Everyone, while this chapter ends, go to the emergency exits!" Sericas yelled, as the troop began to attack!
And yes, the chapter ends right now... ?

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Re: Rise of the Shadow Kracko (SMBX community related)

Postby WerewolfGD » Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:10 pm

Can't belive that i missed a lot of things in this fanfic (Too busy with Geometry Dash :/)
Nice fanfic as always ;)

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Also a furry

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Re: Rise of the Shadow Kracko (SMBX community related)

Postby Ness-Wednesday » Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:12 pm

Wolfy Werewolf wrote:Can't belive that i missed a lot of things in this fanfic (Too busy with Geometry Dash :/)
Nice fanfic as always ;)
Thanks, it has been a while and I'm glad you've enjoyed the fanfiction! :D

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Re: Rise of the Shadow Kracko (SMBX community related)

Postby Zipper » Thu Dec 22, 2016 2:15 pm

I have no idea what is happening and I feel like actually reading the past chapters will leave me even more confused

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Re: Rise of the Shadow Kracko (SMBX community related)

Postby Ness-Wednesday » Fri Dec 30, 2016 12:50 am

Zipper wrote:I have no idea what is happening and I feel like actually reading the past chapters will leave me even more confused
Don't worry man, alot of people don't understand this fanfic...


Chapter 13: What an unhappy ride!

Spoiler: show
The fan made the wind blow loudly, and the battle began!
Zlakerboy shot out a charge shot as the prince did some foul play.
Skyler was ready to fight as well, she had an idea that contained some teamwork!

"Hey Nessy, you'll take care of Zlakerboy and I'll take care of Darkonius!" Skyler shouted.
"After a short amount, we'll switch and we'll do the opposite a bit after, and so the process will continue until they're back to Normal/Flying!"

"Yeesh, now that you've put it that way, it sounds even better than before!," Ness-Wednesday replied.
The battle began and they were legit air men, and a woman...
Sorry, I had to refer to Air (It's An NES Mario Rom).

"You two are the most annoying of all, I can't stand your stalling!," Zlakerboy said.

"It's not so easy, I mean you have two vs two." Wraith was thinking.
"Then again, two and a half is slightly more powerful than two..."
In a serious way, there was a lot that was needed to be done right away!

"I'm tinkeng wii shod do somting," Spinda didn't like idling airborne.
The two allies clashed with their foes, but by your sight, it may seem like the could be battling it out for a while!


"We have to save the people, come on don't you realize how dangerous this is?!" Sericas was scolding on Hypcas.

"Hey, life gave you lemons," he replied.
"Maybe you should make some lemonade while your at it okay?"
"Also the only thing dangerous here is you."

"What?!" Sericas was confused.
But Hypcas vanished into the crowd.

"Ah, The days aren't going to well are they?" Muyoko was talking with Luvdcas, however due to the latter of the fallen, the two girls and HenryRichard carried an ill villager with them.
Yes, her head is THAT BIG!
It was like China where humans trampled up on each other, however no one tripped.

"You bet, I mean at least I'm not the prince's wife." Luvdcas said with pleasure.
"As a cousin of his I'd respect him, but I can't charm him."
"Additionally, he could've become a super villain if he never met this buggy."
Due to the quote, Mayumi woke up with a warm body and low eyes, but she spoke with a sick voice.

"Well.. What Am I?" She took a nap (somehow).
And the giant crowd screamed, however one didn't seem to be too focused.

"A woo?"
Camacho spotted an empty hall way, without any words he ran, but what was strange enough was that no one else noticed him.
He was curious as the darkness grew around him, leading him into the same entrance that seemed to have been discovered already.
However, it didn't seem like the spooks would end, he thought he entered a somewhat illusion, but it sounded different.
He didn't think a giggle was strange enough, not for the brave wolf.
But what he was about to see will shock him!
He knew at this point that he traveled into another dimension, therefore he decided to warn Sericas about it.

"I love this show," a feminine voice said, but Camacho couldn't take anymore of it, so he decided to run and report the hidden door before someone falls in.
Meanwhile, Ness-Wednesday didn't think his flight was fun anymore.

"I can't take this pain anymore!," Wraith panicked.
"The two against a possession of two is just too much for me!"
"That's it I'm doing something about it!"
He glided towards the center of the battle, therefore the four stopped.
In fact, Zlakerboy was ready to burn the two sword people.

"Captain 5-3, what are you doing?!," Nessy yelled.

Wraith turned and faced both him and Skyler.
"If two and two are dangerous enough, would three be the most recommended?"
Dark-Darkonius interrupted him, using dark magic sending wraith in front of the heroes.

"Hey, onion matter!," Prince Northern-Western teased, why don't I use elemental power on you?!
Nessy crunched into medium sized matter the other seven users watched and gasp.
It didn't seem like it was possible, but somehow he started glowing!

"Was this planned to happen?!," Skyler was scared.
"I mean, he seemed like a pretty insane kid when I met him, besides the fact that I was following him first."
"I asked him to help save, pretty much the world now!"
As of now, the invasion has pretty much taken over the world with Shadow Kracko's hopes to posses the billions on earth.

"An I was sen 2 gev powrs from mi shop 2 Nezzy!" Spinda started a chain of quotes.
"Maybi I em mor tan a basick Temmie?"

"And I was asked to help defend the land of EZ before Shadow Kracko stole Zlakerboy357 and Darkonius!," Captain 5-3 continued.
"But I've never defeated a cloud, even if they argue via Lunalua!"
The growth from the boy became brighter, and somehow he started growing!

"I'm not just a snail with a blue Dry bones head as a mask, I'm a more special creature who was sent to take us to travel to far places." Sux made the power even brighter than before!
"I wouldn't have seen this moment if I didn't take five more (four at the time) beings with me!"
The prince seemed to have changed form, his hair started to turn red and his clothes seemed to be evolving from soft fabric to hard steel!

"What is this the power of team work?!" Darkonius spoke out loud.
"This can't be possible, no one has ever been able to do such thing!"

"This must have been what I've read from the book, the true power is all from a full team," Zlakerboy was scared.
"If the last one dares to speak, we both can be in deep trouble!"
An intense atmosphere was all they could feel, as Raocow gulped and said...

"Well, you seem to be a fan of the Talkhaus community, and I can understand that."
"However, considering this problem was bigger than I thought I was thinking I should join and stop him as well, but you can thank Horikawa and Mable for getting us here."
"I mean, I'm not the whole Thomas the Tank Engine and train guy compared to you."
This made Nessy glow so bright, he was now a bright shape like the giant orange star.
But suddenly, he exploded and the light grew into a flash, but it quickly died...
Everyone gasped, but what they all saw shocked them!

"Well, I guess I must have achieved something." Ness-Wednesday was admiring his clothes as he looked at his blue metal clothing that was hard as a Metagross, and his hair was longer than Roy's (Our boy, not the Koopaling).
"It's strange that I feel like a more stronger man than I was."

"No Ness, we've achieved something, that's friends and teamwork!" Skyler petted the lion prince.
"We now understand that together, we can make a team that can take down an army of villains!"
"And it's all thanks to you, and your choices have to be the best ones in the meta."

"Well, I couldn't, wait what?" Ness-Wednesday heard her say, "The best in the meta".
"Let's finish them!"
And with that they all sprung into action as they charged at the possessions.
Zlakerboy and Darkonius went after them, both groups were in for a blow!
They were shooting a slicing at their foes, and the air started to get stronger and Nessy charged a powerful attack.
Suddenly, Ness-Wednesday ran and aimed at both of them.
With a sudden attack the sword caused an explosion that launched everyone away from each other!


The place was quiet after the effect, and the two felt better afterwards.

"We were caught off guard trying to warn you all," Darkonious said.

"If it wasn't for the red and black cloud, we would've been able to tell you ahead about the storm he caused," Zlakerboy continued.
Both of them left after a minute of relief, and the adventure seemed to be closing now.

"So does this mean what I think I'm thinking about?," Skyler knew it was the time for this one day to happen...
"You've defeated all the possessions with plenty of help and you've made it, prepared to defeat Shadow Kracko!"
"Maybe you aren't so bad as a kid."
So you see, the six travelers have made it this far and the they've finally reach up to the point where Shadow Kracko couldn't stop them anymore.
The floor went back to normal, and the elevator returned, however the only button available was up, so Ness-Wednesday clicked up.
The last floor was cold and scary, but in the darkness stood an eye.

"Ah so you've finally caught me red handed huh?" He started.

"Now's the time for your chances to fall to a ZeRo, now step down if you dare take back what you stole!" The little Prince Northern-Western replied.

"Ah, well you see the last step is right in front of you, or should I say it's falling around you?"
And with Shadow Kracko's quote, the whole place broke free, and they six travelers were falling into the open, outer space.
Will the Nessy survive the deadly fall as well as the five allies, maybe they will or they can(not)?

Chapter 14: Shower at midnight

Spoiler: show
The six travelers were falling into the empty space.
Suddenly, Shadow Kracko came down and charged with mighty thunder.

"So you think you six are slick, trying to get away and stopping me?" He started.
"The development has just begun, and you're day has just fallen!"
"The light is a powerful energy, and the sun with it's mighty heat covering it's iron core, is you last step!"
Shadow Kracko laughed as the final battle began.

"Nessy, do something quick, if you don't defeat him and get us back on Earth, we'll all be dead meat!" Skyler shouted.
"Remember Nessy, you have everything with you, and the power is in your soul!"
And with that, Ness-Wednesday was off without anything to say.
The battle was on!

"Hey, magnetic cloud freak!" The lion prince charged after his foe.
The giant cloud brought out giant thunder shocks, that lead to lightning waves that evolved into a Rinka like substance that explode upon contact!
Ness-Wednesday was tempted, and he avoided the projectiles as fast and as well as he could, he couldn't just keep dodging forever.
So he attacked, slicing him with a blood thirsty dance, next he ran after the giant cloud as he jumped.

Shadow Kracko summoned a Shadow Doo, and a Shadow Dee as he let out debris.
Next, he performed his well known spinning lights of night and poured rain.
However, despite Nessy getting wet he wasn't ready to give up, but the space got lighter.
Ness-Wednesday did a flip jump and flew upward, which harmed his foe badly.
All of a sudden, Skyler joined!

"Maybe two swords equal one royal being," Skyler said.
She started to slice with Nessy, both being in perfect sync and when Nessy went up, Skyler went below the cloud just to come up and fly.
"Surprise, you didn't think I could do that?" Skyler laughed.
This made Shadow Kracko angry, and turn darker.
He sent down lightning below, and even made storm patterns but it was almost nothing to the two.
Therefore, his attacks became more powerful, and he started charging at them, the two could get tired of jumping about.
You know who else could get tired, Sericas?

"Hey," Sericas broke a door that lead into an underground shelter.
He wanted to let everyone be gentle and not panic, Marina and Waddle Derp were the only two next to Mudkip who weren't paranoid.
Enjl didn't even bother, he left with some of the Talkhaus members to the Rinka palace.
The rest ran straight down and they were paranoid, scared and frightened, they all rushed and crashed into each other until they were underground.
Sericas and the crowd were calm, but the three didn't like this idea.

"This cousin of the chubby one, isn't so ironic but is annoying," Marina said.

"Indeed he is," replied Waddle Derp.
Mudkip had absolutely nothing to say, being quiet and speechless for the rest of the trip.
However Muyoko found an old sheet of paper pinned on a piece of wood.

"Property, of the Royal fighter founded and sold in 1843, please respect property and setting in order to honor the man," This lead Muyoko with nothing to say.
Myumi opened her eyes, but felt slightly better.
She was now on one leg, but the second wasn't doing too well, however Henry Richard was getting tired of walking and wanted to rest.
But he knew if he stopped now, something could happen before he knew it.
However, he was satisfied, and he was aware a doctor had to be alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic.
Camacho, found Sericas upfront and all of a sudden, stopped right in front of his hair.

"Sericas, did you know there's a secret through the dark hallway?"
Sericas was ready to listen to Camacho.
"There is no exit, it's somehow a portal to a para-ell gender swapped universe!"
"Every male is turned into a female, and it's quite the opposite in both ways!"
"So skyler is male, and Nessy's female!"
Sericas didn't think everything Camacho said was credible, but he wanted to listen.

"Okay, if this is really official, then maybe you should show me this so called para-ell place when everyone else is asleep tonight?"
"Just a time with the two of us on a night walk okay?" Sericas was hoping for Camacho to do so, but indeed he agreed.
Camacho and Sericas prepared a plan to slip through the sleeping huts and go through the dark hallway.

"How can this be?" Shadow Kracko was paralyzed.
"I've been stunned by two mortals!"
The fight wasn't over, their foe was ready to charge hyper beam, but Spinda started to run and jumped off Nessy and bite the cloud.
Did it do much?
"OOUUUUCCCH!" Shadow Kracko was weak to such bites, like if it was play rough.
In fact, Spinda started to scurry all over him, playing rough and pounding him with his tiny limbs like a balloon with static.
This made the two laughed, they did however help him and the slice was powerful to take Shadow Kracko down into a serious level.

"Hey, this looks like a fun game," While Shadow Kracko tried to get rid of them, Wraith used Dark Magic which clashed into the giant cloud.
It was four against one now, while Shadow Kracko did every attack he could do, even sending in a giant storm, but all of is attacks were easy to doge with their skills.
Shadow Kracko stopped, and clouds surrounded the six travelers, Sux carried four of them with Raocow following them.

"Regardless, I still got plenty of speed," Sux was proud of himself.
And the six were running and following the clouds that took them to one of Mar's moons.
However, Shadow was shooting massive electric orbs at them and the clouds faded away as they were following the path.
When they got to Deimos, Shadow Kracko laughed loudly, and they were on a chase to reach the bottom.
Jumping over craters was easy, but they went from Shadow Doos or Dees, to cans and bowling balls, and much more.
Their feet (besides Sux, he's a snail), started to get tired, but Raocow knew what he had to do.
He gathered all of the travelers and, they now all together!
This made him want to sing.

"If you want to see the light of day, Just smash your sword to chase the clouds away."
Therefore, the lion prince charged a "flare blade", and so did Skyler.
All six together, Everyone charged their strongest attacks, and Sux ran at very high speed!
Shadow Kracko was going to finish them all in a blow with a giant Thundershock!
They all attacked at once, but all of a sudden every attacked clashed with Shadow Kracko.
But who survived?

"Am I dead?" Ness-Wednesday asked as he got up, the other five got up as well one by one (pixels).
"I think it's time to teach someone a lesson," Ness-Wednesday stared at the naked eye in defeat.

"How dare you, you're lucky to be alive but I dare ever see you again, you shall become a bgo!"
And with that, Shadow Kracko left, and the adventure was possibly over.
It took a while for Nessy and the others to get their feet back on Earth, but when they did, it was dusk.
Meanwhile, it was 10:12pm and everyone was asleep, however Camacho and Sericas got up and checked to see if no one, especially an electric mouse (Pika) was awake.

"Okay, remember in case of anything back firing on us, use this smoke ball," Sericas said, hoping to keep the him and Camacho safe from harm.
"Never look at anyone in the eye."

"I understand, and I swear I'll never look at anyone in they eye," Camacho was quiet afterwards.
The two crept through the huts and when they were a quarter mile away, they were quiet and moved gently.
When they were back at the cinema, they looked for the dark hallway.
It wasn't long until they saw a dark space.
This made Sericas nervous.

"So this is a dark hallway?" And with that, Sericas stepped through.
Almost nobody was awake at the time, and Marina was stalking the two, she couldn't stop thinking the cousin of Nessy's was suspicious.
However, when she didn't think they spot her until they made through the para-ell world.
"Ah, I'm ready scream!" Sericas was no scared.
Camacho shushed him in case someone heard him.

"You don't have to keep quiet any longer," Marina walked in front.
"You two seriously don't know what you're doing, and you both should get out of here, now!"

"Hey, It's not like this wasn't found for over a century and a half, and Camacho told me all about it, even while we walked out selves all the way up here, we know who found it first."
However, a strange figure watched them from the front.
They were scared, but Marina was tempted to go Boom Boom on her.
"Come out...."
And with that, a female Ness appeared, not Ness-Wednesday but a feminine Ness from Earthbound.

"Hey, it's okay, I won't kill you." She walked close to them.
But Sericas was scared and he stepped back.

"Don't you dare touch me," Sericas was blushing.
"I have psi powers, get away from me."

"I just came to say hi, clam your shit," Female Nessy said, leaving Sericas whispering, "I still know Karate,".
She petted Camacho, and it gave him such enjoyment, Sericas watched.
However, Marina looked firmed, but the female Ness just smiled and looked at Sericas once more.
With a wink she walked away.
Sericas was red in the face, and Marina couldn't say anything.

"What just happened?" Sericas couldn't move, red on the face, he fainted.
In the end he hoped it was just a dream.
During dawn, it was 5pm and the birds started waking up.
Everyone was there to congratulate the six.

"Thank you," Joey replied.
"without you possibly the world would've collapsed and bowed down to that evil cloud."
As they all cheered, Nessy felt please with himself, and they all lived in a-

Shadow Kracko swooped and stole all six travelers!
"Haha, you think this was over, I still have lots of power in me!"
"And none of your puny attacks can stop me now!"
Some snipers shot Arrows (one of them was a Decidueye), but he flew so fast that nothing could hit him on time.
The Altar, was now quiet with fear.

"Does this mean we're expecting a massive storm tomorrow?" Shinbison-Kof asked in fear.

"So I guess, we'll be moving on from Layers?" Enjl wasn't too bothered, but was still concerned.
Suddenly someone bowed to do something as Airships started to fly up.
Myumi got up on both legs, took her ax and stepped into the center of the Altar.
Everyone was shocked, and the all watched her jump into the air.
Everyone cheered, Myumi shut a tear saying...
"I'm there for you Nessy..."

Well, this is it, it's time...
Time for the FINAL BATTLE, what will happen next?
Find out tomorrow on Chapter 15:???

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Re: Rise of the Shadow Kracko (SMBX community related)

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I'm not really that confused with your Fan story.... :roll:
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Re: Rise of the Shadow Kracko (SMBX community related)

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I'm glad to hear that because...

Chapter 15: One Final Request

Spoiler: show
Myumi landed on top of an airship, she looked around.
It was a cloud paradise, except it looked like a war.
There were Shadow Goombas, Shadow Troopas, Shadow Bros., and even Shadow Beetles.
They surrounded the area, however the threats to beware of are Star shooters and Rinka generators.
Myumi was sight seeing, and she knew she had to find the airship that took her to the end.
The Goombas didn't bother her much, however she took a hammer and a Koopa shell just in case.
There was plenty of things going on, and while Airships fired canonballs, she saw some bubbles in mid air.

"I wonder what this switch block does?"
She wasn't aware of the event, but She knew that the red bubbles were filled with lava.
She hit the switch, and the bubbles became yellow, did that mean quicksand?
She hit the switch again, the bubbles are now blue, she knew it was safe to swim in.
Avoiding canonballs, was a tough job but she loved swimming.
The sky was clear and beautiful, and the pillars supported cealings.
She saw another switch block on the other side, but when she hit the switch the bubbles became an icy, light blue.
They were frozen as ice, and solid on the sides.

"Going up," she said.
And moving from one higher level to another, an eye started attacking.
The cloud circled around the villager, but she nearly tripped off the platform.
It was scary, but she got back up afterwards, it wasn't too long until she saw an airship with a portal at the end.
The Shadow Troopas and Shadow Goombas charged at her, she wasn't scared.
She got her ax and started swinging it, the shocking attacks scared the goombas and they left after a minute of horror.
A flower remained, however she took it and now she was wearing red and black, and had a fire sword.
She walked slowly, admiring the blue hole.

"I wonder," she put her hand into the portal, however she got sucked in!
After a moment of scilence, she heard a few words.

"You realize that deadfishes never actually die, they create art."
Oh no...

You know that CC3 level right?
The one with crude drawings and weird music, except it was colored and extended in CC7?
Well it's just like that, she couldn't take it seriously, but she knew she had to move on.
She cringed at the look of poop monsters, but it wasn't too much of a bother.
The big head whales had big teeth, teeth that should've been brushed.

"Now you're right, this things theeth is filled with alge, disgusting!"
Well, I didn't think she would reply to me but whatever...
Anyways, the jumps were tricky and the air was chunky, some might say it feels like an april fools joke.
Now I'm sure CC3 wasn't during an April, but still it should've been during an April because it feels like an april fools joke.
When she saw a massive blank space, vines appeared out of nowhere and they all zoomed in very fast.
This gave her some shimmers, but it went away pretty fast.
She had a feeling that she was about to meet someone that was a troll.
She kept on going, she was surprised that there were no Koopa Troopas, however she knew someone was going to stop her.
There was a dead end, and she looked up.

"So you're the woman who has come to stop the troop and save the six travelers," Knux started.
"And I'll introduce myself, I'm Knux or call me Terence the Tractor if you'd like."
"Besides, I know that your husband is a fan of Thomas and Friends, in fact he has a tv in his cage, and it only plays Thomas and Friends!"
"Now if you excuse me, I'm about to go shitpost all over your face, mwhahaha shitposting the best art of all!"

"Wait what?" Myumi was confused, but it didn't seem like it was going to be pleasant.
Knux started attacking, and he seemed to be goofing off.
He rolled like bowling ball into her, she stepped back so did Knux.
Knux jumped and came smashing down with his head and started spinning like a top.
She ran back and forth as Knux kept on spinning, it didn't seem to end as he came down like a meteor.
I guess that was it because I'm aware of him only having three attacks, I mean what would you expect?
Anyways, Myumi didn't think it was easy, though she had a big sword with her thanks to the Fire Flower, and if she could find the best spot, she could continue with her adventure.
Myumi was getting her sword ready and Knux jumped over her, she started slashing.
Knux jumped and dodged and kicked about, but he wasn't sure for how long he could keep doing so.
All of a sudden, he failed to glide and he suddenly got hit by a deadly blow.
She found the best spot was his back as there were no parts on his back, she came down and boom!
Knux screamed in pain, and afterwards said to her.

"You sick...."
"You're lucky I'm not who I am anymore, I'm a much different person now." Knux didn't say anything else, and with defeat he was gone.
Another portal opened, she entered into the portal and her journey continued.
The trip didn't seem to be so bad, but the day was probably going to be long.
She was dancing about as the cloud's fluffy substance went about.
She jumped over Koopas and Goombas, but the real problem was vice versa.
The Rinka generators, shot four Rinkas at a time.
But Rinkas are kinda easy to avoid, she ran like a hedgehog and spang into action against Shadow bros.
Every time they fell, they weaped in defeat saying.

"She's smart and strong, maybe she could defeat our master," They all feared of her little by little.
Though, she was enjoying her time, she knew she couldn't keep going forever.
She found another portal, and without care she entered the portal.
There were boxes of metal and gears everywhere, she dived into a pool, with robotic fish that were similar to Mecha Cheep-Cheeps.
Myumi was sure that there was someone else on her way.
Grinders were sharp and killed everything on it's path.
Myumi didn't care they weren't a threat to her, in the end she found a Super Leaf.
She grabbed the Super Leaf, and she got an umbrella, her clothes became turquoise and silver.
And in front of her was Nien, who was holding a bomb.

"Ah, so you're here to blow my place up eh?"
"Well, you're not going to stop me this time, I'm not letting you be the second one two take down my ship!"
Nien raised the level and lava surrounded most of the stage, the heat was on!
Nien started throwing bombs, Myumi just bounced them upward with her umbrella, Nien watched carefully.
"Hey, you know why I didn't bother leaving your community?"
"Mouser killers are outrageous!"
Nien wasn't able to do much as he was set to throw bombs differently in variety, or go over her.
But it didn't seem like it was going to be good for him as he was already in danger, two hits already!
I only need six and I'm done, no more!
But Myumi didn't bother about Nien, she just wanted to get her love back.
Nien stepped down, and went after her, but she already had a plan to stop her.
Nien ran at her, but he got hit by a bomb she had, thanks to FireLink's products.
Nien was unlucky, he suddenly fell into the lava and was defeated because of that.
"You may have won, but your next foe maybe your last!" And with that, he drowned into his death only leaving with an error.
The portal opened up, Myumi looked around.

"Oh goodie," she yelled, but was it enough to stop anyone?
More of her enemies were scared, and there was alot going on, as the bubbles were now switching.
She swam with brave thoughts and courage, and she jumped when a bubble turned into lava, back to back it was quite insane.
The stuffy clouds moved up and down, and the air got darker.
The morning sun was below her, and it shined like a fireball.
Under weather she was good, below the feather she wasn't scared.
The big problem was mainly the crew, seven of them and only two have been defeated.
A strange Suit was there this time, she took it but instead of turning into a Tanooki she was now a Ninja.
Fast at shooting and able to teleport, this would make Sheik jealous.
Another portal was there, when she entered the portal the location was dark and the smb1 setting was clean.
All of the enemies were normal, and the sky was quite strange.
They weren't bothering her she had to stomp on most of them, as they were all defeatable.
When she found a warp pipe, she went into just to find herself underground now.
When she was unexpectedly caught, Vinyl Scratch jumped in.

"Hey, I don't know what you're doing, but I'm not liking where this is going." She was going to trap the heroine.
But Myumi seemed to have know alot, she was also a master of traps.
Bombs blew up, needles were thrown, sneak attacks were spammed, Trees were planted and it was insane!
The two weren't going to stop, it was battle between life and death!
If Vinyl wasn't going to stop, Mymui wouldn't either.
The day was growing into a "intensity night," and the latter was probably going to last for hours.
Myumi teleports, Vinyl Sneaked through it went back and forth.
However, if they were to keep going someone would get tired.
And Myumi was thinking of setting three projectiles at once.
Planted a sprout, send out a lloyd rocket and set her needles.
The Vinyl ran at her, but she got hit by the tree overall.
She was tricked, Myumi jumped and pounced on her!

"Ah, chock me if you want!" Vinyl yelled.
"You win, just please leave me alone!"
And with that she let go, Myumi just gave her a long face.
The next portal opened, she entered and with only four left it was going to be a long shot.
The challenges were now tougher, and she hasn't met any friendly being (mostly because they're pretty much back on Earth).
The gas planets turned as they orbited, she watched them spin very slowly.
In fact, She saw Rainbow Road as the racers dashed about, except they wouldn't be able to see her.

"Why not?" She thought.
"I don't know why they'd try so hard, it's like Pokemon X all over again!"
There was a Warrior Goomba, he didn't want to fight though.

"Please, don't hurt me, I swear I'm only here to give you this!" The type of Goomba gave her an Ice Flower.
She now had clothes that resembled Elsa's, and ice powers.
When she walked on Lava, it would make her freeze the area.
Additionally, she found another Portal, I mean she went in because why the hack she wouldn't?
The place looked like something from Sonic the hedgehog.
No one was there, She just kept running and stopped when there was an abyss.
Although, she found some platforms that were acting like Donut platforms.
After at least five of them, Snifitguy appeared!

"Yo, I'm not letting you get away with this, you should be down at Smashville!"
"I mean, almost evey Villager mains choses that stage in the Wii U version, come on."
"At least you husband mostly plays the 3ds version, but it has that stupid frame thing with transitions."
Three sentences came from Snifitguy, leaving her filled with rage.
She started running after the Snifit in a clown car.
It was hot, but she wasn't afraid of the heat!
They both started to becom airborne, this wasn't a good thing for Snifitguy!
In fact, she ran on lava just to jump on him.
She was grabbing the snifit hitting his mask.
"Oh no, what are you going to do, let it go?"
She froze the snifit, and she pick him up.
She wanted to throw him out, but she would've been "too nice", so she decided to put him into her pocket.
Stealing the clown car, she went into the portal leaving the airship as the next trip was higher than ever!
Canonballs shot down and Lakitus were throwig Spinies, it was like a maze, but she made it through.

"Why, this is actually scary!" She shruged with a cold.
"I don't want to feel dirty or anything."
But when she entered the portal, she was wrong.
Back into Valtteri's bladder, one of the most famous jokes levels in smbx history.
"That's why I have this mask, and this strange suit."
"I'm sure I'm going to find the end to this."
And with that, she kept going.
But her next foe was stronger than the other four.

"Oh, so you're the chubby's wife?" ElTipsa laughed.
"I mean, he's not even that fat but his head is a freaking ball."

"Excuse me," Myumi started.
"I don't understand why you'd live in a bladder or a castle of matter, I mean those are just special attractions?"
"I'm sure there's an amusement park that contains those."
ElTipsa didn't like where this was going.

"Hey, he should'v been dead now considering he was in space WAAAY beyond a second!"
It was Myumi's turn to fight back.

"Hey, y'all were following precipitation," she said.
"I mean pretty much you'd start another world war."
ElTipsa was surprised that he knew a foe with such brains.

"Yeah, that Princess is off limits comparing the group of SMBX members," ElTipsa replied.
"And the Temmie should've ate the prince while he had the chance!"
"And Wraith doesn't bother with such things, he's mostly likely going to ingnore this stuff and make playthroughs."
"In addition, snails are slow and they're death, also have-"
Myumi and ElTipsa both stopped for a minute.

"Okay, even if Raocow is a Talkhaus admin, my husband told me all about these facts aobut Snails."
"Just, get away please," Myumi just pushed ElTipsa which cased him to lose hi focus and fall off the edge.
The next portal opened, this was actually getting interesting.
Now, I know you people didn't know about the sixth member but you'll find out right now!
Myumi looked below, a hundred miles from the Milky way wasn't far, but she didn't watch her step.
She stepped on a switch block, and it activated.
This caused her to get stuck in a trap of Switch blocks!

"You people should be ashamed of your selves, loving shitty short levels over long beautiful levels."
Dark wings spread down on the front, a Yoshi landed.
Dark Yoshi stood there preparing to get his revenge.
"I'm not letting this happen, this wouldn't have happened because of you!"
"We'll get our popular level design back!"
And with that, he started swooping.
He flew down, and hit Kyo which not only caused lighting bolts but it caused the switch blocks to move the opposite way.
The day was going to be ending soon, and she couldn't stand lightning.
Dark Yoshi flew around about, and when ever he turned slowly, it was time to fight.
He was going to keep on doing this until he accidentally falls back into the galaxy!

"Maybe you should go take some galsses, beause you're going blind!" Myumi shouted.
She pulled Kyo, who didn't like getting controlled like a freak.
This caused Kyo to become corrupted, Nothing was really benefitting him.
Dark Yoshi became triggered, and he ran after her ready to come crashing down.
All of a sudden Kyo moved so fast, Dark Yoshi fell back to Earth.
Kyo moved so fast, it was surprising that Myumi was able to hold on so tightly.
And the next thing she knew, there was one more airship left!

"I'm glad there's not much left, I'm getting tired here!" Myumi pouted.
Luckily, she entered the portal before putting on the strange suit, making her look like a doctor.
It seemed to be that she entered Stormhead Sanctuary.
The thunderstorm boomed loudly, and the enemies were more of a threat than the others.
Now the adventure wasn't long, but when she was going through the area, it was time to find the Ingoritus and stop Shadow Kracko.
However, this was actually suprising.
When she entered the pipe, the land was dark nothing was visible.

"You've finally made it," Shadow Kracko slowed.
"And you've proven yourself worthy to save the day!"
"Maybe even rescue the six you're here for," and with that, a light showed two cages.

The first one contained Ness-Wednesday knocked out due to overusing energy as he was moving about!
The second one contained the other five tangeled and taped, they were unable to say anything really.
Ingoritus stood with a powerful orb.

"And this is where you get trapped with your husband," and with that he hold the orb up in the air.
Shadow Kracko came close and a storm of red dust covered the two.
Myumi got launched, and what she saw scared her.
Shadow Kracko took over Ignoritus and now was a being of dust storms!
This was the last chance to save everyone, especially the last six.
Therefore Myumi jumped and got a potion, they ran around about throwing projectiles.
But Myumi sprayed with her needles, squirting a toxic substance.

"I will not let you get away with them," Myumi jumped on top of Shadow Kracko.
She pulled the head of the villain, causing it to hurt badly.
Maybe if she did it three times, it would finish the job!
Electronic bombs slowly landed on the walls as she started running around the round wall.
The floor vanished, so she would have to keep running.
When Shadow Kracko spawned a Shadow Doo, she went after the head again, therefore she pulled it the second time.
This was starting to make him irratated.

"You know I'm starting hate you badly!" He said.
This caused him to make massive shock waves, the wall started to burn up as even more bombs blew up!
The wall, was going to break apart, but when he was ready to charged a massive laser, she went for the head once more.
This time she pulled it so hard that it actually casued him to burn with 300 degress Ferinheit.
"That's it for you, now be gone!"
The whole wall broke and split as it vanished, leaving her on a strange planet, maybe if she could get in to the center, she could distract the big dust storm.
She got her shovel, and with mighty power started digging, it was so much that it caused the planet to shake as the cold space (at this point it was probably a Plantoid), when she got into the center, the dust storm waited as he charged a final blow.
She went down as fast as a canon, and when she aimed for the head she put the shovel away, and gave out a massive punch.
"WHAT?" He yelled.
And with that, Ignoritus was freed and Shadow Kracko said a few words.
"You, are the most power woman I met," His eye exploded afterwards, and the six were freed.
However, the young prince decided to keep the tv with him.

"Hey, I've got another Tv just in case I'm bored." He made a big smile with his mouth as the Myumi let Ingoritus go.

"Hey Nessy I've got to tell you something," And with that, Myumi let go and told the prince a drastic secret leaving him saying.

"What, no way girl you got to be kidding me," Everyone laughed, they did get back to the Altar.
And when they all returned, everyone was happy as a bird, and they're nasty compared to some animals especially people, and yet humans are know to try to be clean, I mean I've been studying animals as a kid, but most of it was about Dinosaurs and sea life.
Yeah, I did take the Bird study merit badge, but the whole poop thing is what I love making fun of, you know what let's just continue on here shall we.

The following is from Ness-Wednesday:

"Well, I'm glad it all turned out to be another crazy adventure, and we all had a good laugh in the end didn't we?"
"I mean, you have to remeber, I've met all of these people, and I went on a trip to space, and I had to be rescued, thanks to my wife."
"But seriously, I'd like to thank you all for sticking about, and the trip was actually quite a long shot, because this trip took us, literally between teo generations!"
"Kalos, Alola, they both have an O, I mean when will we get a Pokemon region that doesn't contain the volue O?"
"KantO, JOhtO, HOeen, SinnOh, UnOva, and the last two?"
"Is there something about Africa or Australia that contains and O, because if there is than I guess it'll take us a long time."
"Now, I'll love to wish you a Happy New Year, besides the music is starting to sound great, and I already love the sound of it!"
"Congratulations, you've finished the fan fiction, now wait for Next year and wish for the better."

"Oh, Nessy!" Myumi shouted.
*giggle*, I'm sure they'll become a happy family.
This was a stretch, and my friends is how it all happened.
Now, I don't know who is this Janondorf You all are wondering, but I'm sure it's nothing much.
I mean, he's the fourth mascot.
The first three (in order) are a Raichu who's he most mature, a cartoon-ish me which is funny because there's technically two mes now...
And you have Fungusy, any Object show people would probably rmember November 8th, 2013 right?

"Good day to you all," - Who is this?
Well, I guess I can finish up with a nice and loud...

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Re: Rise of the Shadow Kracko (SMBX community related)

Postby WerewolfGD » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:41 am

Wow, i really enjoyed this fanfic. Thank you for the fanfic :)

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Re: Rise of the Shadow Kracko (SMBX community related)

Postby Ness-Wednesday » Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:51 pm

Wolfy Werewolf wrote:Wow, i really enjoyed this fanfic. Thank you for the fanfic :)
Thanks, I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed this fanfic. :D

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Do you love Villagers? I know I do!
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Will Toad truly get an actual project, will something happen who knows?

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