master hand GFX (but better)

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master hand GFX (but better)

Postby TheProKittyRemixer » Mon Mar 02, 2020 2:50 am

so i know what you're thinkin; "what do you mean 'but better?' that doesn't make any sense!"
well do i got a history lesson for you, except this time history only matters to me and was a very insignificant moment in history

years ago, i noticed there weren't any custom master hand graphics for smbx, so i decided to try my hand at making one myself. ... php?t=6406

needless to say, it sucked. the gfx itself was just a stretched bilinear mess, parts of the sprites cut into eachother in-game, the level in the video has master hand going left and right at light speed for no good reason (and is also just lame), and ontop of that rather than fix any of these problems i just labeled it as 'glitchy' and threw it out there telling people to 'fix it themselves'. real nice, huh? well, i recently got back into smbx and i couldn't live with myself knowing i was responsible for that so consider this a redemption.
Spoiler: show
some notes:
- this download contains the master hand custom GFX (which go over both mother brain and bowser), as well as some incomplete SMB2-esque playables of Mario and Luigi, and a level that showcases master hand.
- the effect for mother brain's death is missing. that was not the plan but its really just because i couldn't change the properties of it to suit the size of the sprite like i could with the npc .txt files, so i just left it empty and had the smb3 bowser spawn in its place. if i find any workarounds or just any sprite that'll fit the original size i'll update the topic with the new death effect. but til then...
- this was made with smbx in mind, so i'm restricted to 1.3's.. restrictions.

download link: ...

whether you credit me or not if you use this doesn't really matter to me, don't sweat it.

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Re: master hand GFX (but better)

Postby BoomBomber » Fri Mar 20, 2020 7:18 pm

This looks incredible! Do you have any other SSB graphics?

And what a story also. But i'm glad you did the right thing in the end. :-)

But can't you just use the size of the Master Hand that replaced bowser for the death also? I mean it should be the same as backgrounds. But I'm not sure about tilesets though.

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