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Postby SuperAlex » Fri Nov 26, 2021 5:18 pm

Hello, This is my Level to submit in the contest Is a W.I.P Level, In other words, it's not yet finished.
Please play it and you can tell me some errors that happen at the level, I do not want to fall into the deep.

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Postby cato » Mon Dec 06, 2021 2:24 am

Old feedback from the old version (this one, you didn't update the link, I got it from Discord)
Spoiler: show
Some problems:
- Need a checkpoint in 2nd section to skip the long hallway
- Directions not clear in 2nd section (should remove the up arrows after the fake door) + terrible enemy placement (Firesnake occupying the only platform after the boost, Dry bones falling in cramped places)
- Game should save the progress after each coloured switches, no one is doing all 4 without dying
- Blind trial & error gameplay in blue room
- The stream floating to the left blends in too well on the blue room before the 1st sign
- The floating upward stream (in the blue room) looks like going down. I got very confused there
- Lengthy sections (the firebar room and the statue room looks alike in terms of gameplay)
- No clear indication of between the Asteron (explodes into spikes) and the thunder Asteron (explodes into sumo bro lightning), I almost die to the thunder one, there is like 2/3 in the level
- Probably need an extra powerup in each room
- Heavy inspiration from ATWE castle level after the switches section
- The part about getting the key isn't necessary
- Unfinished level, but I am utterly confused about the end. Please don't make the level any longer.
Feedback for the newer version:
Glad to see some problems are fixed, such as the graphic error for the milk stream, shorter section 2, a finished level etc.

Some places are more difficult than others, and you really need to test which segment you died most during a test run, and then tone it for a bit. One powerup per section seems a bit harsh. It is really clear that you need more in the firebar section and the Asteron section.

The switches are practically useless if you are making a linear level (no choices are made). You just hit a coloured switch at the end of the section to proceed. However, in case you die, your progress isn't saved. You just hit all 4 switches at the last section since the whole level is linear, which nullify the "selection" theme chosen by you. It is no longer a selection, but rather a completely linear level for the sake of avoiding saving progress in a massive, complex switch gauntlet level.

It is relatively simple to use game data to save the progress of the switches. You hit it, triggers are event, then set the value as true after the events. Every time you restart a level, the value is always true and triggers a different event to unlock the switches.

I suppose if you didn't enter the door in the vertical section, you a damage boost the Torpedo Ted and pummet all the way down and need to reset by hitting the instant death block. There isn't any platform there.

The boss is a mess. I would rather you not have it than put it there. It has something to do with the plot, but nothing to do with the theme (your theme is Daily Products, Natural and Selection). The screen keeps on shaking and it is annoying to platform there. The autoscroll is too fast and the whole is too long to make it up to the top. I died so many times and decided to cheat because it is too long (plus the screen-shaking and how fast you have to move). At least you made a dialogue in the end saying "I hope I lose" so that it kinda justified that you struggle with most things I told you at the old feedback. It is a good level with tons of gimmicks, scripts and a genuine plot, but its complexity and lengthiness really makes it unenjoyable.

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