Dancing Coins and Blocks (Movement Controller?)

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Dancing Coins and Blocks (Movement Controller?)

Postby Lucario » Mon Jan 10, 2022 12:47 pm

Once again, I'm creating a level and I research as most assets as I can on the forums, but I couldn't find something that'd give life to the stage - dancing coins and blocks. Dancing Coins and Blocks move in a fixed pattern at many speeds: left to right, up and down, circle and more. So, I'm asking if any of you skilled .lua coders could program something that either:

Simulates coins and blocks movement using tracks:
- Coins and Blocks that move on tracks at many speeds.
- Transforms mid P-Switch.


A movement controller:
- Makes objects move in any way you want (that might be super hard to code so I think the first might be better to code by a lot, but a movement controller would no only move blocks, but all the objects, so you could have NSMBU-Style levels with moving terrain, and even that, my main focus is only on coins and blocks, so please, don't suffer, only if you have ideas to use this movement controller for something else).

Sidenote: I feel extremely dumb and demanding posting once again on LunaLua Help for the same level as my last post, so I'm sorry if I sound demanding. :(

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