(Request) SMB3 Card System

Post here for help and support regarding LunaLua and SMBX2's libraries and features.
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(Request) SMB3 Card System

Postby Mosaic » Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:39 am

So, basically, I tried to use the luascripts api "smb3goalcard" in my episode last night, but when I tried to do so it didn't work. And even then, when I went to go get help on Codehaus as to why it wouldn't work, as I've found out, this api is completely, as it was put, "outdated", so essentially what i'm asking is not for someone to write a whole new api(if you can help it) but just see if there's a way they can modify the code of the smb3goalcard api to be up to date and usable in Beta 4.
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